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Based in Barcelona but very eager to drive my music around the world. Do not hesitate to drop a message if you're interested in having me and the band in your venue or festival

Eivol performing at Sala NauB1, Granollers, Barcelona. Dec'23

During the last years, I've worked with different music producers, musicians and music labels.

This is Eva, or Eivol as my friends use to call me, a Barcelona-based singer-songwriter born into a family of musicians and music enthusiasts. My journey with music started early, as I learned to play the piano and later taught myself the guitar, heavily influenced by the punk and punk-rock artists I admired during my teenage years. At the age of 13, I began writing my own songs, and by 15, I was performing in punk bands. However, as I grew older, my musical path shifted. I left punk behind to pursue a career as a lead singer, diving into the rich sounds of Soul and Funk. After several years of performing covers with various bands, I realized the need to express my own voice and stories through original music. I like to blend all kinds of afroamerican and afrolatin sounds such as Soul, Funk, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Salsa, Bossanova and contemporary genres like NeoSoul. This fusion creates a diverse musical experience, rich in emotional depth and introspective lyrics. My songs reflect my journey, my sensitivity, offering listeners a tapestry of profound emotions and nuanced musical textures. Throughout my career I've been pleased to work in Barcelona local projects, getting to know incredible musicians of the scene, but also to work in international music projects such as the Latin project that I recorded in Istanbul, Turkey.

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